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Pain management nursing positions are advanced practice nurse jobs that specialize in caring for patients in acute or chronic pain. In these positions, nurses are responsible for assessing and treating pain.

In order to assess a patient’s level of pain, pain management nurses may employ a variety of techniques. They may ask them a list of questions and use their answers to determine what measures to take, or they can use a number scale to have a patient rank his pain. In the event the patient is unable to communicate verbally, nurses must use body language, the patient’s vitals and physical examinations to determine the severity of his pain.

To qualify for pain management nurse jobs, candidates need to have an MSN. Because they are advanced practice nurses, pain management nurses may be able to prescribe medication depending on the state. Otherwise, they administer medication under a doctor’s orders. Regardless, pain management nurses need an extensive knowledge of pharmacology in order to prevent complications and bad interactions with medication.

Outside of medication, pain management nurses are experts in alternative methods of dealing with pain, such as relaxation techniques and exercises. They also teach patients how to manage their pain at home.

Candidates seeking pain management nurse jobs can find them in a variety of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, private practices and more. You can find open positions right now at ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs.