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Neuroscience nursing careers are both challenging and rewarding. These nurses specialize in working with patients who have nervous system disorders. They are experts in providing care to patients with all types of neurological conditions and often teach patients and their families how to adapt to living with neurological dysfunctions.

Healthcare professionals who have neuroscience nurse jobs work with a diverse patient population with a variety neurological of disorders. They treat patients of all ages and may deal with issues such as spinal cord neoplasm, head trauma, seizures, and other brain and nervous system dysfunctions.

A neuroscience nurse has similar duties to a traditional nurse. They assess patients, check vitals, dispense medication, maintain health records and provide post-operative care. However, unlike traditional nurses, they specialize in monitoring neurological exams and recognizing neurological issues.

In order to qualify for neuroscience nurse jobs, candidates need to be an RN. After working as an RN for two years with 4,160 hours in neuroscience, nurses can take the Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse exam and become CNRNs.

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