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Job Details

School Nurse

Columbia University Creative

City:  NEW YORK  |   State:  NY  |   Country:  USA  |   ZIP Code:  10025
Job ID Number:  RN0917  |   Posted:  09/28/2017

Job Summary:

School Nurse

The School at Columbia University, K–8 School, seeks a Registered School Nurse to support the students. This is an 11-month position.


The school nurse reports to the head of school and works closely with the division heads. Serves as a liaison between school faculty, students, family, community, and health-care providers to advocate for health care and a healthy school environment. Assesses student health, provides interventions, develops and executes plans for care management, acts as first responder, engages in public health functions such as disease surveillance, immunization compliance, and health promotion/education. The major focus of the incumbent is to care for chronic and acute illness, as well as injuries in the school setting, follow up with students and their families, and advocate for further care/monitoring as needed. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, medication administration, record keeping, health-care procedures, and the development of health-care plans for students with asthma, anaphylaxis, type 1 diabetes, and mental health conditions. The school nurse works closely with the medical director and social worker, giving health-related updates to the head of school. Successful candidates must possess the ability to guide families with wisdom, warmth, and intelligence; to work cooperatively with faculty, staff, parents, and students; and to hold high professional standards:


• Daily routine treatment, monitoring, and care of students

• Assessment and triaging of complaints, interventions, and education

• Daily medication administration and recording, compliant with NYC and NYS requirements

• Communication of pertinent medical and health information per child, in accordance with HIPPA or FERPA guidelines

• Yearly tracking of student health issues to be compliant with NYC and NYS and for internal data collection

• Assess all student health concerns, deliver medical care, intervention, and education

• Supply nurse’s office, medical backpacks, and classrooms

• Arrange for lice checks for students and flu vaccines for staff and faculty

• Arrange for CPR first aid certification for teachers (optional and mandatory)

• Refer children and families for appropriate follow-up medical care; contact families to follow up on absences and medical conditions

• Give health-related information to children and/or parents as directed by principals

• Oversee Emergency Response Protocols

• Represent school at events where medical personnel receive information and training

• Consult with medical director, as appropriate, regarding difficult cases, public health, and other issues

• Proactively provide head of school with updates regarding pressing health issues

• Additional duties as assigned


Requires current New York State RN license. Minimum of 2 years of recent medical experience, coupled with strong assessment skills, nursing degree from accredited college or university.


Experience as nurse working with children, specifically in K–8. Ability to make each child and family feel that their health is priority for school.


The job requisition number is 089298. To apply for the position, go to:  


Columbia University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer—race/gender/disability/veteran.