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LinkedIn Savvy

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LinkedIn Savvy
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More tips for making the most of your social media presence.

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More tips for making the most of your social media presence.

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More tips for making the most of your social media presence

By Valerie Neff Newitt

Savvy job-seekers know they should routinely update and put a new shine on their LinkedIn profiles. Next time you undertake the revision process, keep in mind these pointers from Philadelphian Frank Grossman, MBA, an independent resume and LinkedIn specialist who has worked in career services since 1998.

Grossman, who also holds a certificate in adult career planning and development from NYU, facilitates job clubs at the Philadelphia Unemployment Project and Philadelphia Career Link. Here's the LinkedIn advice he offers for improving a profile as well as better utilizing this powerful social media platform:

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is written conversationally. This includes clear language devoid of misspellings. Do not use the same formal language and structure used in your resume. When you allow a sense of the "real person" to shine through, you are more relatable to prospective employers. 

LinkedIn SavvyUse a strong tagline under your name -- not your job title. Perhaps you can write "Leading OR teams to a high level of patient and physician satisfaction since 2010" instead of "OR Nurse." The point here is that every word applied to your LinkedIn page is prime career "real estate." Put something of value on it instead of a mere placeholder. Why build a verbal cabin when you can build a Taj Mahal instead?

Take full advantage of the ability to upload work examples. These could include a poster presentation or research paper. Did you devise a new way to organize a desk at the nurses' station? Snap a picture or two, and attach them. Of course, make sure you have the legal right to use any material you upload, and never upload anything with patient identifiers on it.

Really connect with new "connections." Just sending a connection request is not enough. Write a short note to people you want to link to, letting them know why you want to connect. Do you know them from school? Did you work for the same facility in the past? Have you had a similar research interest? Did you hear them at a conference or speak to them at a networking event? Truth be told, there is probably no need to connect if you cannot think of something to say.

Participate in LinkedIn groups. Choose those that are relevant to your career and career goals. This is a unique chance to explore professional relationships, build a peer group and demonstrate your own expertise.

Grossman and other career specialists have made a science of conjuring the right approach for social media platforms. While you may want to reinvent the wheel a bit, be sure to use tried-and-true strategies like those above as you get the wheels of your career rolling in the right direction.

Valerie Newitt is on staff at ADVANCE. Contact:

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