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The Importance of Creating a Great Healthcare Workplace

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Healthcare Workplace
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Healthcare Workplace
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Offering a positive company culture helps attract top talent

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Offering a positive company culture helps attract top talent

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Offering a positive company culture helps attract top talent

By Kirsten Malenke

As the demand for healthcare workers remains high, so does competition among healthcare facilities to attract the best and brightest healthcare workers. In a market where job-seekers are becoming more selective, how can a healthcare facility attract the best talent? The answer may seem simple -- be a company worth working for. Though that often may mean offering competitive salaries and benefits, training, and opportunities for development, it also means providing a positive company culture.

According to Fortune, organizations with healthy cultures "benefit from advantages in the healthcare talent wars." Not only do these companies do well in retaining employees, but they also have the upper hand when recruiting new talent -- especially because staff members are often a significant source of referrals.1

It's important for human resource professionals to consider their company culture when they're looking to recruit new talent. Are current employees satisfied and happy? Is the company culture attractive to potential candidates? Though company culture will differ from one workplace to the next, ADVANCE has summarized a few key elements that are often the building blocks of a positive culture in healthcare. Keep these in mind when considering the ways you can attract top talent.

Strong coworker relationships. At the best workplaces, employees feel like a cohesive unit regardless of their position, according to Fortune and Great Place to Work, who collectively named the 20 Best Workplaces in Health Care for 2016. Fortune reported that a majority of employees at the best workplaces said their workplace is "friendly," feel like an equal member of the organization no matter their position, and feel that they can rely on their coworkers.1

Healthcare Workplace

"They're working in a family-like atmosphere where everyone's in their corner and has a common goal of taking care of people and saving lives," said Hannah Elise Jones, a Great Place to Work consultant.1 Strong coworker relationships are especially important in healthcare, where working with a team is often essential for delivering care to patients.

A sense of pride. Perhaps unsurprisingly, employees in the best workplaces are proud of the way they help others. Fortune reported that nearly nine in 10 employees at the top workplaces said their work has special meaning and isn't simply a "job." Employees' pride in their work is vital for the success and positive culture of healthcare companies, according to Jones, and the best workplaces distinguish themselves by fostering that pride to encourage quality work in the future.1

Proper management. According to Becker's Hospital Review, a majority of healthcare facilities that are known for exceptional workplace cultures excel at one simple thing -- creating and maintaining a strong middle management team. "The number-one priority for any organization striving for workplace excellence is to ensure people are working for well-trained and developed leaders and managers," said Quint Studer, founder of the Studer Group, a consultancy based in Gulf Breeze, Fla. To keep employees engaged, the best workplaces focus on providing strong management, rather than on things such as recreational activities or perks.2

Kirsten Malenke is a staff writer at ADVANCE. Contact:


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