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The new ___________ requires a health care provider to immediately make a report to or cause a report to be made to the appropriate county agency if the provider is involved in the delivery or care of a child under one year of age who is born and identified as being affected by any of the following: illegal substance abuse by the child’s mother, exhibits withdrawal symptoms resulting from prenatal exposure, or has developed a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. a. Child Protective Services Law. b. Protective Services Law. c. Domestic Violence Law. d. General Protections Law. 2. The Child Protective Services Law requires licensed professionals identified as mandated reporters to __________ on recognizing and reporting child abuse. a. Provide training. b. Receive training. c. Ignore the signs. d. Do nothing. 3. “__________”is defined in section 6303 of the Child Protective Services Law as: A person who has committed child abuse. a. Abuser. b. Perpetrator. c. Offender. d. Violator. 4. Effective December 31, 2014, the new definition of a ________________ includes anyone who comes into contact, or interacts, with a child or is directly responsible for the care, supervision, guidance, or training of a child. a. Permissive reporter. b. Child welfare advocate. c. Guardian Ad Litem. d. Mandated reporter. 5. If they suspect abuse, mandated reporters are required to immediately report the abuse to ChildLine electronically or by telephone. Written reports must be made within __________ after the oral report is made by telephone. a. 48 hours. b. 72 hours. c. 24 hours. d. 1 week. 6. Section 6311.1. of the Child Protective Services Law states that the ____________ between a mandated reporter and a patient or client of the mandated reporter shall not apply to a situation involving child abuse or relieve the mandated reporter of the duty to make a report of suspected child abuse. a. Binding contract. b. Privileged communications. c. Professional interactions. d. Historical clinical file. 7. Only certain individuals have the legal authority to take protective custody of a child when they believe it is immediately necessary to protect the child from further harm. These individuals include which of the following? a. Attorney. b. School official. c. Treating physician. d. Legislator. 8. If the county-based children and youth agency determines that no immediate action is required they must initiate _____________ within 24 hours. a. Intake paperwork. b. An investigation. c. Collateral contacts. d. A diligent search for parents and relatives. 9. If you are a mandated reporter and you willfully fail to report suspected child abuse, you could be charged with a _______________ up to a second degree felony. a. Third-degree misdemeanor. b. Second-degree misdemeanor. c. First-degree felony. d. Third-degree felony. 10. __________ can lead to permanent physical disabilities such as hearing loss from untreated ear infections, vision problems from untreated strabismus (crossing of the eyes), or respiratory damage from pneumonia or chronic bronchitis. a. Medical neglect. b. Shaken baby syndrome. c. Sexual abuse. d. Emotional abuse. ANCCPA02CAE18 Page 16