Complete Your CE Test Online - Click Here Reporting procedure Reports of suspected child abuse shall be made electronically or by telephone. ● ● Electronic reports are made via the Child Welfare portal at WWW. COMPASS.STATE.PA.US/CWIS. This is the fastest and most efficient way for you as a mandated reported to file your report. There is no need for any follow-up reports when submitting your reports electronically. The state encourages everyone to visit this website now and setup your account so if and when you need to make a child abuse report you can log in and start immediately. ● ● Oral reports of suspected child abuse shall be made immediately by telephone to ChildLine, 1-800-932-0313. ● ● Written reports must be made within 48 hours after the oral report is made by telephone. Written reports shall be made on form CY47 available from a county children and youth agency. Written reports are made on form CY47. The following information is requested and helpful if available: 1. The names and addresses of the child, the child’s parents and any other person responsible for the child’s welfare. 2. Where the suspected abuse occurred. 3. The age and sex of each subject of the report. 4. The nature and extent of the suspected child abuse, including any evidence of prior abuse to the child or any sibling of the child. 5. The name and relationship of each individual responsible for causing the suspected abuse and any evidence of prior abuse by each individual. 6. Family composition. 7. The source of the report. 8. The name, telephone number and e-mail address of the person making the report. 9. The actions taken by the person making the report, including those actions taken under section 6314 (relating to photographs, medical tests and X-rays of child subject to report), 6315 (relating to taking child into protective custody), 6316 (relating to admission to private and public hospitals) or 6317 (relating to mandatory reporting and postmortem investigation of deaths). 10. Any other information required by Federal law or regulation. 11. Any other information that the department requires by regulation. What happens when a report of suspected abuse is made to ChildLine? Childline assesses whether it is CPS or GPS and whether immediate action is required and assigns it to the appropriate county agency. ChildLine forwards the report of suspected child abuse to the local county children and youth agency, which investigates the report to determine if the allegations can be substantiated as child abuse/ neglect and also arranges for or provides the services that are needed to prevent the further maltreatment of the child and to preserve the family unit. If the alleged perpetrator named in the report does not meet the definition of perpetrator under the CPSL, but does suggest the need for investigation, ChildLine will forward the information to the district attorney’s office in the respective county. ChildLine also maintains a statewide central register, which contains the names and vital information about children who have been abused in PA since 1976. This information can be accessed by county children and youth agencies when investigating new reports of suspected child abuse. If the County receives a call of suspected child abuse from a source other than ChildLine they assess whether there is an immediate need to protect the safety of the child and if there is determine the steps to be taken to protect the child. The safety of the child or children is the number one priority when assessing reports and offering services to the family. After taking the appropriate immediate action they then file a report with ChildLine. If the county-based children and youth agency determines that no immediate action is required they must initiate an investigation within 24 hours and file a report with ChildLine. A thorough inquiry is conducted to determine if the child was abused and what services are appropriate for the child and family. This must be completed within 30 days unless the agency provides justification as to why the investigation cannot be completed, including attempts being made to obtain medical records or interview subjects of the report. If the report is not completed in 30 days and justification for extension is provided, the county only has an additional 30 days (a maximum of 60 days) to complete the investigation. Additional actions by mandated reporters There may be specific expectations and actions beyond making the initial report that mandated reporters must adhere to. A mandated reporter may be required to cooperate with the investigation and testify in proceedings that result from the case they filed if legal action is sought. Only a court official, law enforcement officer, treating physician, or treating hospital administrator can take protective custody of a child. A caseworker must obtain a court order. This action may be taken when it is immediately necessary to protect the child from further harm. Please note: As a mandated reporter, you do not have to determine whether or not the person meets the definition of perpetrator to make the report. Section 6368 of the Child Protective Services Law: Investigation of reports Response to direct reports. Upon receipt of a report of suspected child abuse by a perpetrator from an individual, the county agency shall ensure the safety of the child and any other child in the child’s home and immediately contact the department. Response to reports referred to county agency by department. Upon receipt of a report of suspected child abuse from the department, the county agency shall immediately commence an investigation and see the child either Immediately, if emergency protective custody is required, has been or will be taken; or it cannot be determined from the report whether emergency protective custody is needed or within 24 hours of receipt of the report in all other cases. Upon conclusion of the child abuse investigation, the county agency will provide the results of its investigation to the department and within 3 business days of receipt of the results of the investigation from the county agency, the department shall send notice of the final determination to the subjects of the report, other than the abused child. Notice to mandated reporter: If a report was made by a mandated reporter under section 6313 (relating to reporting procedure), the department shall notify the mandated reporter who made the report of suspected child abuse of all of the following within 3 business days of the department’s receipt of the results of the investigation: ● ● Whether the child abuse report is founded, indicated, or unfounded. ● ● Any services provided, arranged for, or to be provided by the county agency to protect the child. Page 11