Page i Table of Contents CE for California Nursing Professionals CANCER NURSING, PREVENTION AND EARLY DETECTION FOR THE ADULT PATIENT Page 1 Nurses are regarded as experts in cancer prevention, a subject that garners a great deal of attention in the media. However, cancer research is often misunderstood and media reports are often confusing. This course focuses on cancer prevention, early cancer detection, and nursing care of adults with cancer during and after treatment. This course is intended to help nurses provide not only cancer care, but accurate and up-to-date information as well. FALLS: ASSESSMENT AND PREVENTION Page 56 Falls are a major concern for all healthcare facilities. Falls can not only cause injury and mental anguish for patients, but can also be financially devastating to the organizations where falls occur. The ability to initiate a good fall assessment program and develop strategies for fall prevention requires an interdisciplinary approach and the commitment of everyone involved, including patients and families. This education program will provide information to help develop and initiate a fall assessment program and preventive strategies to safeguard patients from the danger of falling. THE OLDER ADULT: CHALLENGES FOR NURSING ASSESSMENT AND CARE Page 65 Nurses have a unique opportunity to assess, care for, teach, and promote the health of older adults. This course provides a wide variety of health challenges for the older adult. Topics in this course include assessment, cultural sensitivities, nutrition, the importance of medications and possible interactions, sleep challenges, sexual interests of the older adult, pain assessment, mental health, abuse assessment, sensory and integumentary concerns, and select other topics. SEPSIS IN THE ADULT PATIENT: IDENTIFICATION AND INITIAL CARE Page 98 Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the body’s systemic inflammatory response to a source of infection causes injury to tissues and organs. This course is intended to educate nurses about sepsis in the adult patient and provide vital information that nurses can utilize to help identify and care for patients with sepsis. Course Participant Sheet Page 125 Course Evaluation Page 126 ©2018: All Rights Reserved. Materials may not be reproduced without the expressed written permission or consent of Elite Professional Education, LLC. The materials presented in this course are meant to provide the consumer with general information on the topics covered. The information provided was prepared by professionals with practical knowledge in the areas covered. It is not meant to provide medical, legal or professional advice. Elite Professional Education, LLC recommends that you consult a medical, legal or professional services expert licensed in your state. Elite Professional Education, LLC has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that all content provided in this course is accurate and up to date at the time of printing, but does not represent or warrant that it will apply to your situation or circumstances and assumes no liability from reliance on these materials. Quotes are collected from customer feedback surveys. The models are intended to be representative and are not actual customers. *Get this course package for only $24.95 with referral code NCA3018. Regularly $26.95. Special package pricing expires 12/31/2018. Get everything you need: • Includes all required hours. • Features all new updated ANCC-accredited courses. Want your certificate fast? Complete your exam online and get instant access to your course certificate. Want to pick your own courses? Access these courses and more at All 30 Hrs ONLY $24.95* with referral code Elite Continuing Education Complete Your CE Test Online - Click Here