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NEW "A Day in the Life" Video Series
One of the many challenges for therapists working with patients with spinal cord injuries is ensuring that individuals in wheelchairs are prepared for the many challenges presented in both the home and the community.

Philadelphia's Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, through a grant from the Kessler Foundation, has developed a four-part video series that shows individuals with spinal cord injuries—and who are in wheelchairs—how to adapt to their physical limitations and be self-sufficient. The "A Day in the Life" series stars Frank LaMacchia, who is a T6 complete paraplegic from a car accident, as he goes about his daily tasks.

Anna Martin, CTRS, director and producer of the video series, told ADVANCE, "This is a great opportunity for patients to learn from a peer who knows what they are going through or has the same limitations they do."
Part 1 - Learn by Example: Home Mobility
Magee Rehab and the Kessler Foundation share guides to living with spinal cord injuries.
Part 2: Learn by Example: Kitchen Mobility
Learn how to get around the kitchen after a spinal cord injury.
Part 3: Learn by Example: Fitness Mobility
Learn the benefits of working out after a spinal cord injury.
Part 4: Learn by Example: Community Mobility
The video series concludes with Magee Rehab's guide to running errands and using public
transit in a wheelchair.
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